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My other love... 

My relationship with skin care and beauty products has been long lasting. Even since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with playing in my mom's makeup. I had eczema as a child and as I got older it was a constant battle and eventually lead to psoriasis.  A major breakout occurred and it drove me to find safer and cleaner alternatives to the products I used... I started using oils instead of soaps, and searched high and low for lotions and cleansers that didn't dry out my skin. I never found anything... until this.

BEAUTYCOUNTER has given me an option to have better skin, CLEANER and SAFER PRODUCTS, and wonderful makeup that is not only beautiful and high-performing, but also some of the safest on the market. I encourage you to check out these products... read through their "Our Story" section, watch the videos on today's personal care industry - it will leave you both terrified at the audacity of our government regulations and relieved for better options now available through this company and a handful of others out there. 

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