Bachelorette Boudoir Party

Boudoir Bachelorette Parties are such a fun way to make the most of your Bachelorette Weekend in Austin (or anywhere!). Parties can include five to twenty ladies at a location of your choice! For more information, click HERE to contact Melissa!


Austin Boudoir Photography

In 2009  Melissa stumbled upon  boudoir photographers from San Diego that inspired her to bring this boudoir photography to Austin before it had really caught on. She has since expanded to not just include boudoir wedding pictures but pregnancy boudoir photography and boudoir bachelorette parties as well. Boudoir Bachelorette parties are a fun way to celebrate your friends and the bride's big upcoming wedding day! So, gather your ladies and enjoy a fun day of pampering, hair and makeup and creating beautiful boudoir photos!!

 Melissa’s Austin Boudoir Photography Style

Boudoir is an area of photography that she’s passionate about because it’s 100% about feminine confidence. Similar to her approach with other forms of photography, each shoot is different because each individual is unique. Boudoir wedding pictures aren’t about what society thinks is sexy or what you feel like you should do to be sexy. If you don’t like wearing thigh highs or corsets – don’t! Because you that uncertainty will show in the photos. When it comes to plus size or any size of boudoir photography in Austin, the most beautiful photo is a confident photo and that’s different for each person.

 Melissa is an expert boudoir photographer at making her clients feel comfortable, at ease, confident and beautiful in whatever form suits them best. Whether her client’s boudoir photos are plus size, wedding photos or both, Melissa loves to bring out each client’s inner beauty on film in a timeless, classic way. She’s also an expert at keeping your boudoir photos a secret from the groom during the engagement photo session and at the wedding photography shoot!

 Austin Boudoir Photography Process

 It’s not uncommon for female clients to have a lot of anxiety and questions about boudoir photography and that’s an area where Melissa shines. As a boudoir photographer in Austin for almost 10 years she has photographed a wide variety of women and styles. There are no weird or uncomfortable questions for her. We suggest a conversation by phone or in person and encourage you to contact her with any questions about boudoir wedding pictures you might have.