Pregnancy Boudoir Photography & Photos

Boudoir pregnancy photography is an area of boudoir photography that isn’t as common but one of Melissa’s favorite types of boudoir. Similar to wedding boudoir photography, intimate pregnancy photography is a boost of confidence when many women need it most. During the third trimester many women feel unavoidably “enormous”, “gross”, or “fat”, but the truth is women are a glowing, embodiment of everything female at that point. Pregnancy boudoir photography embraces and celebrates that fact. Melissa strongly feels that this is a time when a woman should feel gorgeous and you can see that strong, female confidence show through in her pregnancy boudoir photos.

Boudoir photography during pregnancy is also a well-deserved moment for a soon-to-be-mother to take for herself. Soon enough, she will have little time to focus on getting her hair and make-up done to feel like the goddess she should. Melissa enjoys helping women soak up the pampering and own the beauty behind pregnancy boudoir photos that is a passing and awe worthy moment in a woman’s life.

Melissa’s local photography style remains consistent in boudoir pregnancy photography as well with a timeless, classic approach that results in boudoir pregnancy photos that’s always stunning. She prefers for the individual personality to inspire the shoot so every pregnancy photo is unique. She also makes sure to avoid trends or filters so you can feel confident the boudoir photos of your pregnancy will always be in style.

There can often be many questions about intimate pregnancy photography and we encourage you to reach out and meet Melissa to discuss. After 10+ years of experience with pregnancy boudoir photography, she’s photographed a wide variety of settings and styles. She would love to chat and brainstorm if needed about how the best way to remember this incredible time for you!