Hey there!

Welcome to my world!! I am super pumped you're here and can't wait to talk to you in real life! For now, this will have to do... So, let's get this party started!! 

What do you really want to know about your future photographer?  

That she loves wine, all the fur babies, or this fabulous city of Austin we live in??? 
Vital information.

That she’s addicted to plants and has a starter garden consisting of almost 200 plants??
Less vital, but definitely interesting… and on the verge of an intervention.

That Italy (yes, the entire country) is one of her favorite places on the planet followed quickly by Paris, Kotor, and Taormina??
If you haven’t been to these places, book your flights IMMEDIATELY! Go! Leave my website and go do it. I’m okay with it, I promise.
But please come right back and finish your adventure here… of course.

Welcome back! Now that you have the best trip of your life planned, you’re ready to focus on what you came here for. Photography!

I have been calling my camera my “business partner” since 2007, and even though my relationship with “her” hasn’t always been easy or clear, we finally chose each other forever and are currently madly in love. :) I know choosing your photographer is a daunting task, but I’m here to make it oh-so-simple for you. I want to make this whole experience effortless and FUN!

I’m here to make sure no one forgets just how good you look... and, Sugar, you do look good! So let’s dispense with the forced and awkward, and instead embrace the energy, emotion, and straight up reality of your day.  (I’m talking to you too, men!!) I love getting to know you so that the pictures act as YOUR reflection with all of the best that surrounds you. That means finding the right shots that all the natural light surrounding us provides to create something alive, real, and eminently flattering.

Your pictures should feel like memories and not some pose-y fakery. I’m going to make that happen! For me, being a photographer is about more than just pressing the right buttons on the camera, it’s about getting to know you and bringing that out in imagery. It’s SO important for us to naturally click. (see what I did there?)

Just remember, having your picture taken shouldn’t be something that you dread, it should be easy and fabulous and dare I say... even fun!

So, my friend, let’s have some fun!


These amazing photos are by my lovely friend, Amanda Hartfield.

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