Hey there! So, you’re thinking about doing a mini session, and I’m sure that means you’ve got lots of questions. Don’t stress… I’m here to answer them all!! Keep scrolling to find out all the good info!



Q.  So, what's the difference between a regular full-length family session and a mini session? 
Glad you asked!

Mini Session $329
30 minutes
         20 images delivered in high resolution
         location chosen by Melissa
         one outfit
         limited dates and times available

Full Session $600
60 minutes
          all images delivered in high resolution (70+)
          a location of your choice in the Austin area
          up to two outfits
          your choice of available dates 

Q.  What happens if it rains?
We will have to reschedule. I don't shoot in the rain as my gear isn't really into getting wet, but don't worry... we'll find a new date that works for you and your family!  Please please please do NOT email me about the weather if it's more than three days from your appointment. We all know the forecast will change five more times before your appointment arrives. I will always reach out to you to put a plan in place. I will always make the call 24-48 hours in advance at the very latest. If you need to make the call sooner than that, please let me know... otherwise, I will be in touch to make the call.

Q.  How do I book my session? 
Shoot me an email and let me know the date/time you'd like to go with. I will send over a contract for you to fill out and sign. I'll just need that and a 50% retainer to reserve your appointment. Click here to get started on booking your session!

Q.  What if I need to cancel?
If you cancel completely, you lose your retainer. If you need to reschedule, I am happy to help you find a new date without penalty because I know things happen and babies get sick and toddlers fall and bruise their face the day before your shoot. (fingers crossed none of that happens)

Q.  What if I'm late to my appointment? 
Since these sessions are booked back to back, you must be early to your appointment so you are ready to begin shooting right at your appointment start time. If you are five minutes late, no big deal... we'll take advantage of the 25 minutes we have left to work with.

If you are six minutes late or more, your appointment is automatically cancelled and you will have to pay a $50 fee to reschedule.  No exceptions. Plan for traffic. Plan for your daughter to throw a tantrum as you're brushing her hair. Plan for a major diaper blowout right when you're getting out of the car. It's better to be 15 minutes early and waiting for your appointment to start instead of scrambling and frantic and chaotic and late. I promise. I know that’s a hard core rule, but I promise it’s been proven to work and ensures another family won’t make your session start late.

Q.  What should we wear? 
I have a great article on this topic. This article also answers a lot of questions regarding Family Sessions in general. It’s super helpful, so I HIGHLY recommend you take a look. You can see that here: PREPARING FOR YOUR FAMILY SESSION