What do you want to know about your future photographer?

That I love wine, shoes, coffee, sweets, and beauty products?


That my title wasn’t always photographer, or so the Marketing degree hanging on my wall would lead you to believe?

Eh, probably not.

That my adorable Yorkies, Nolte & Zaza, will change even the staunchest objector’s mind on small dogs?

…that sounds like a slight maybe…

Let’s go ahead and just cut through all of the fluff, and face facts; you’re here for the pictures. I have been calling Weddings my office since 2007, with some very fun trips to the Boudoir realm since 2009, so I get it, choosing a photographer can be really tough. I have no plans to make that any tougher for you.

I’m here for you and to make sure no one forgets just how good you look. And you do look good! So let’s dispense with the forced and awkward and instead embrace the energy, emotion, and straight up reality of your day (I’m talking to you too, guys). I want to get to know you so that the pictures act as your reflection, with all of the best that surrounds you. That means finding the right shots that all the natural light surrounding us provides to create something alive, real, and eminently flattering.

Your pictures should feel like memories and not some pose-y fakery. I’m going to make that happen!

For me, being a photographer is about more than just pressing the right button on the camera, it’s about getting to know you and bringing that out in film. Because it's more important to click with people than to click the shutter. Just remember, having your picture taken shouldn’t be something that you dread, it at the very least should be easy and dare I say, even fun.

Let’s have some fun!



P.S.  Big thank you to Shannon Michele Photography for the amazing photos! She is based in Charleston, SC and does fabulous work!

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