My Friend Morgan

I don't know if you guys know this about me, but I know people... specifically, fantastic artists. Even more specifically, Morgan Rhodes Goodwin. She is a beautiful painter whose relationship with color baffles me. She sees and manipulates color in ways that I find so inspiring. Every time she creates a new piece or series, my mind gets blown. I would highly recommend taking a look at her work and even going so far as to adopt one of her pieces for your home or naked wall of your choice. 

She was so sweet to paint this sweet piece for my birthday. I went to Majorca, Spain last summer and while I was there I came across this tiny aviary with the sweetest little parakeets. I stood there and talked to them for WAY too long and ended up taking this photo with my iPhone. I had my big camera with me, but the grate of the fence was so small that I couldn't take a photo without getting the grid in the shot... so, the iPhone's tiny lens came in to play and was VERY helpful. The only downside... there was no way I could print a photo as large as I wanted with the file size the iPhone put out. 

So, sweet Morgan painted it for me! Needless to say... there were tears. 

Creating something from nothing is one of my heart's desires, but my brain's shortcomings. I can photograph people and things that are right in front of me in a beautiful way, but creating art from inner inspiration is just not within me. So, anyone that can do that blows my mind. I want to crawl into this lady's headspace and know how her brain works!! 


Isn't she pretty too?!?! Some people just have it all...  ;)  These are a few photos I took of my friend last summer. 

Please go take a look at her work!! She has some amazing pieces on sale.