Charleston Trial... An Update.

I have been in Charleston for a month and a half now, and I wanted to give you all an update on how this trial period is going. In case you weren't aware, I moved me and Nolte out here to stay with my parents for a few months to see if we wanted to make this our new permanent home. My parents moved out almost three years ago and couldn't say enough good things about the city, and so far, I understand why.

The city is beautiful! Full of history and charm. Charm. That is the number one word that comes out of my mouth the most to describe this place. It's just adorable! The colorful buildings, secret hidden alleys filled with tiny bars and perfect restaurants with impressive menus. To be honest, when I first got here, I wasn't too excited. Seeing the "tourist's view" of the city isn't quite as exciting as seeing the local's perspective. I have a long list of new favorite restaurants and bars that I will share eventually just in case you ever make it out this way to visit.

Some have been asking if I am going to make this my forever home, and the answer... I still don't know. I am still trying to figure that out. I love it here, but I also love Austin. It really is a difficult choice. Luckily, I don't have to make a decision for another two months, so I am going to enjoy as much of this beautiful city as I can and hopefully I will know soon enough. I will be in Austin in March from the 4th to the 24th. Weddings, Spring Mini-Sessions, and lots more fun going on! Let's get together for coffee and catch up or let me know if you'd like to get on the Mini-Session calendar. I can't wait to see you all!!

Below, I have posted a collection of images I have taken (with my iPhone) since I've been here. This will give you a little taste of what this place is all about. Everyone needs to come out to visit this city once in their life. It's totally worth it!

Until the next update...